IRWIN Wheel HUB Technology explained……

Irwin Hub Technology


The revolutionary 6/60 hub technology houses an engagement system of 6 pawls and 60 ratchets that is staggered into 2 groups of 3 pawls. At any single time, 3 pawls are always engaged while the 3 other pawls are preloaded. This allows the hub to have a responsive 3 degree engagement, translating into faster and more efficient power transfer.

The CrMo pawls are made through a fine extrusion process, so every piece is equal in size and a perfect match to the ratchet ring. 3 claws on each pawl maximizes contact points while spreading the driving force over a larger surface area, thereby prolonging the life span of the cassette body. In our overall design of the product we insist on using only highest quality bearings that reduce friction while ensuring longer wheel life. We use only the highest performing product to date:

Ceramic hybrid bearings (Bearings: ABEC3, Si3N4 Ball: Grade 5) and Enduro bearings to provide fast and smooth riding.