As the TRI Summer season gets into full swing, triathletes can look forward to a new event on the calendar in FEB 2018, the MiWayLife 226 Brick Challenge

For those not in the know, its a full on race even though the name might suggest a “training session”. It is howver intended to be used as a training session-race for the majority of athletes who have put their hands up and entered already

What make this race different from the others?

  1. For one, its spread over 3 days – let us call it  the Tour de Francais of triathlon. Swim Friday/Cycle Saturday/Run Sunday
  2. Wetsuits will be allowed – FEB is hot at Midmar and the water generally around 24-26 degree’s but the organisers realise athletes who want to test our their wetsuits and their fitness levels over 3.8km, want or need to swim in their suits.
  3. There are no cut-off times – this makes it less pressure for the newbies – those that are not quite sure they can complete the distances, now can without the threat of being chucked out of the race
  4. There is a personal seconding zone. Most TRI events do not allow outside assistance which normally carries a disqualification. Not at this race – they encourage your family/friends and helpers to get involved and assist you in this great race experience
  5. Entry Fee’s are super well priced – go and google the competiton in terms of other events and see for yourselves. Times are tight and money even tighter – the 226 crew have delivered in terms of making it affordable
  6. Great Value upon entry – go check their FB page out and see for yourself
  7. Friendly organisers and even better sponsors. No threats at this this race, here everyone get’s treated like a PRO ELITE
  8. They have the 113 in place as well for the athletes not so brave to take on 226km
  9. For the Comrades triathlete, the 42km on the Sunday can count towards your qualification as the course has been measured and certfied 100% 42.2km long
  10. Many other attributes that one will only see when you come and race.


ENTRIES ARE BEING TAKEN AT www.226challenge.co.za

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