At Triathlon Plus, we are MAD about bike equipment – riding and testing it. The faster it looks, the more we want to get our hands on it and ride.

Vision-Tech have given us the opportunity to test and train on the METRON DISC as well as use it at the 70.3 World Championships that take place in Port Elizabeth on the 2nd September.


  • It comes standard in a cardboard box for protection against the robustness of the delivery service we all know can be hectic at times – Wheel arrived safely and in 1 piece

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Tubular VS Clincher

  • We are of the old school from the early nineties who start racing on tubbies but trained on clinchers. That preference has carried over into our selection for this test. Why Tubular you may ask?
  • We believe they are faster (if you truly believe, it must be true) perhaps the wind tunnels say differently
  • They are slightly lighter (back in the 1990’s the clinchers were a lot heavier than they are today but event with today’s technological advances, the tubular still comes in lighter
  • We believe they are less susceptible to pinch (snake-bite) punctures. If you ride over a pothole for example – there is less chance for them to puncture (that is what we believe – once again science may say something different but we are not scientists, we are triathletes
  • If you puncture a tubby, you can ride on the rim surface for a limited period at a limited speed (we have tried and tested this under Ironman Race conditions over a 10km last bike stretch at Ironman Malaysia – not a great idea – but the rim was not damaged and we managed to get into T2 and still come 2nd You cannot ride a flat clincher – it will roll off the rim while a tubular remains glued to the rim


What comes in the box?


  • 1 x METRON DISC Wheel of course (no cassette or tyre – this will be an additional once you have purchase the wheel
  • 1 x rim protector cover (not a full wheel bag but rather a “sock” to cover the rim outer. This is a nice touch we have not seen with other wheels that have been delivered to us
  • 1 x case that includes 1 x skewer/1 x spacer/1 x carbon brake blocks
  • 2 x stickers to cover up the hole in the disc where you pump up the tyre



Initial First Impressions of the Disc Wheel?


  • Looks fast
  • Cosmetically – very attractive and good looking wheel – great artwork and detail with the wheel
  • It does appear to be a little “delicate” – it’s a hollow wheel so there is a perception that its extremely fragile – when you buy a wheel like this, you are prepared to take “better” care of it than the standard wheel for example – it costs some hard earned money so make sure you look after it – we recommend you order a wheel-bag with the purchase of the wheel – and be extra careful when you travel
  • The wheel is flat 1 side and lenticular the other – all made for the fastest possible speed – looks like a great design to us


What are the bag of accessories for?


*   The Skewer of course is standard with any wheels and will be attached to the wheel – make sure you don’t throw this bag away before looking inside

* You will need to change the brake blocks on your current bike more than likely and fit these carbon specific brake blocks for maximum stopping power when using the metron disc. If you already have carbon brake blocks – put these away and save for another time when your current blocks are starting to wear

* 1 x spacer which you will use when you or your mechanic puts on the cassette. Make sure the spacing between the cassette outer ring and your wheel is sufficient to take the width of a chain – nothing worse than riding your brand new disc wheel – putting the gearing into the biggest ring at the back and the chain scratches the disc wheel so make sure you do this before the ride

* 2 x stickers that will cover the “hole” on the disc – if you happen to lose these for some reason – any type of vinyl stickers/black tape would do the same job – once you have pumped up the tyre – make sure you cover this hold before riding – if you leave the hold exposed, the entire aerodynamic advantage will go for a loop – not recommended to ride without the hole covered



Keep the protection sock safe and use it on the wheel when it’s not in use


Fitting the wheel to the bike


  • This was don’t very easily and the bike looked like it was ready to go riding


We are all set – next time out – we let you know how the first ride went with the disc – it’s very light and should make a huge difference in our top end speed. We hope so, stay tuned

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