We Test the FIZIK POWERSTRAP R4 tri shoe

As one of the perks of this particular job, testing great equipment does not become tiresome or boring. In fact, we cannot wait for the next “big” thing that is relentlessely released into the triathlon market space

FIZIK have always delivered top product. Their range of triathlon saddles are 2nd to none. The entry into the tri shoe market has definitely garnered our interest of late. We were fortunate to test theĀ Fizik Transiro R1 Infinito Knit late last year. What a great shoe – matched perfectly with the transiro mistica saddle they sent us. Nothing says triathlon bling than matching tri shoes and tri saddle…


First Impressions

What a great looking shoe – BLING all the way – the black and red are extremely eye-catching – put it this way, we were “noticed” on the bike ride the other day – not for our great riding skills but more for the shoes we had put on our feet. Plenty sales take place based on “what something looks like”. This shoe will sell plenty – if that is the case – forget about the performance benefits – triathletes like to look good and this shoe will add to the bling alonside their fancy tri-bike and TT Helmet.


The shoes are very practical. Attaching the cleats was a simple 2 minute exercise (we have tested shoes in the past where this was not so easy – also lining up the cleats into the optimal position was also a problem with some past models. Not so with this one)

They have a HUGE powerstrap that is easy to open and shut – it also does not “un-thread” so there is no need for a safety pin (experienced triathletes – old school triathletes will know what we are talking about here).

Easy to attach to the bike with elastics – easy/fast to put on – easy/fast to take off – with draft legal racing – this is the priority – into shoes fast – cycle – out of shoes fast.

Very rigid – stiff ride – you can feel the power coming out of the shoe when you stand to accelerate or hit a climb or two



Much better than the R1 we tested last year – the disc system works well on the R1 (possibly better suited to non draft races where there is more time to fit the shoe snuggly. the R4 powerstrap was a vastly improved feature. Looks really HOT – we like that – does the job and not overly expensive

BUY? Yes for sure – 110% recommended as a great TRI shoe we would wear any day of the week

www.fizik.com for more info or contact your nearest dealer…

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