Free Triathlon Camp/Workshop at MiWay Sun City Ultra 7th May

MiWay and The Sun City Ultra Event offer up a training camp!

For those new to the sport of triathlon as well as those young juniors looking to get into the sport, @MiWay Insurance along with  their 2 brand ambassadors, Glen Gore and Jan Van Rooyen will be offering a triathlon workshop on the Saturday morning preceding the Sun City Ultra Event which all take place on Sunday 8th May.

The workshop will be a fun, no pressure clinic aimed at the guys and girls who are really new to the sport (as well as those looking to learn some more) and are looking to see what the sport is all about.

The workshop clinic will be all about fun and will cover all the aspects on the swim/bike and the run. Glen and Jan will at hand to help those big and small with all the finer details on triathlon. There is no charge for the workshop/clinic thanks to the guys at MiWay  for more information or to book your spot, email glen at