We are more than happy to boldy state that the majority of triathletes entering the sport, or those who have been at it for some time, STRUGGLE with the swim. The bike and run disciplines is something that comes pretty naturally to most, the swim however is not!


How do we become a better swimmer? PRACTICE, PRACTICE and more PRACTICE

We have put together a bag of must have swim accessories all available from our FINIS.CO.ZA friends right here in SA. When it comes to technical training tools, Finis lead the bunch by yonks!

Buy this package, leanr to master each of the tools, swim VERY often and you will become a better swimmer

TOOL no 1?


Positive Drive Fins



The Positive Drive Fins (PDF’s) use a unique ellipsoidal blade to generate correct propulsion in all swim strokes. Traditionally fins are not made for Breaststroke, but the asymmetrical shape and adjustable heel strap allows the swimmer to safely build power in the Breaststroke kick.

The short and wide blade design also promotes a natural inward supination kick style for Backstroke, Butterfly, and Freestyle.

The PDF’s use an ergonomic footpocket to comfortably place the feet in the ideal swimming position, and the heel strap to secure the fin, allowing the feet to flex more naturally. A closed-toe construction provides superior energy transfer from the leg to the foot.

The PDF’s will increase leg strength, foot speed, and ankle flexibility for all four competitive swim strokes, making the fins great for training the Individual Medley event. Available in multiple sizes for a custom fit.


TOOL no 2


Iso Paddles


FINIS Iso paddles are strapless paddles designed to isolate specific muscle groups, develop proper hand position and heighten stroke awareness.

Iso paddles are uniquely designed to create an imbalance in the catch phase of a stroke, which forces swimmers to apply more pressure on either side of the paddle in order to maintain a proper stroke. The variance encourages swimmers to pay increased attention to hand position in the water, keeping it level and consistent throughout the catch and pull of each stroke.

Palm Positive
Paddles will remain in place with proper stroke technique

Technique Paddle
Intended for use on drills and stroke-specific training

Self-correct Technique
Increases the feel for the water and allows swimmers to make adjustments to improve stroke technique

Strapless Design
Ergonomic shape designed to fit the natural contour of the hand

Heightens Stroke Awareness
Convex design brings awareness to sweep tendencies prior to catch

Recommended Stroke Isolations
Versatile tool for all four swim strokes. Outside Isolation: backstroke & freestyle Inside Isolation: breaststroke & butterfly

Outside Isolation
Using the edge on the outside (grey on left, yellow on right) allows swimmers to isolate and engage the triceps and trapezius muscles

Inside Isolation
Using the edge on the inside (yellow on left, grey on right) allows swimmers to isolate and engage the pectoral, bicep and deltoid muscles


TOOL no 3


Axis Buoy



The dual-function design of the Axis Buoy improves body position while building upper body strength and engaging the core muscles.

With ergonomic keyholes and a contoured design, the Axis Buoy can function as both an ankle float and a leg buoy.

The lightweight EVA foam is lightly textured for a more secure grip and allows swimmers to easily transfer the buoy between ankles and legs.



Ergonomic Keyholes
Easy to transfer the buoy between ankles and legs

Streamlined Contours
Fits comfortably between legs

Promotes Elevated Body Position
Lifts the hips and legs for proper technique

Build Upper Body Strength
Immobilizes legs, shifting focus to build upper body strength

Improves Hip Rotation
Calls for focus on the hips while pulling to build core strength

Lightweight EVA Foam
Does not chafe or irritate skin, slightly textured for a more secure grip


TOOL  no 4


Alignment Kickboard


The FINIS Alignment Kickboard has a hydrodynamic design that improves streamline and body position.

By incorporating a stabilizing hand strap, swimmers can control the board without gripping, creating a perfect alignment from the finger tips to the toes.

When used, the Alignment Kickboard sits just below the water line so swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking at an incline.

Shorter in design, the Alignment Kickboard puts less pressure on the shoulders as compared to standard kickboards.

A great training tool, the board can be used to do one arm and side kicking drills in addition to normal kicking.

The Alignment Kickboard is comprised of a sturdy foam material for durability, and has a lightweight structure for easy travel.

Use the FINIS Alignment Kickboard with a FINIS snorkel in order to concentrate on head alignment and improve technique.


TOOL no 5

Dryland Cords


Resistance workouts are a vital aspect of swim training and conditioning. The FINIS Dryland Cords are made with durable rubber tubing and comfortable handles.

Attaching to an anchor point, the Dryland Cords allow swimmers to train outside the water and stimulate swimming motions. The cords isolate important muscles and enhance a swimmers speed and endurance while building strength and a better range of motion.

The Dryland Cords are appropriate for swimmers of all ages and abilities and come in three different resistances. The cords are also a great tool to combat injury and maintain strength in the off season.


TOOL no 6


Pulling Ankle Strap



The FINIS Pulling Ankle Strap is a rubber strap that is worn around the ankles to eliminate kicking.

Ideally used with a standard pull buoy, the Pulling Ankle Strap shifts the focus so that the swimmer can build upper body strength.

The Pulling Ankle Strap comes one universal size that fits all ankles.

Ideal for Pulling Sets
Compatible with the Rangs or standard pull buoy


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