The Specialized POWER PRO SADDLE

The Specialized POWER PRO SADDLE

The initial reaction upon receiving it was basically a “wow” moment. The visual appeal was easy on the eye and it looked fast. Once we put it onto the TT bike, it looked even faster. Very sleek, the design elements and lines are great and the red team saddle colour certainly was an eye-catcher. Having been to the Body Geometry Fit Conference that Specialized ZA organized towards the end of last year, I suddenly became extremely aware of what a difference a simple saddle can make. They did a live demo on the blood flow to the nether regions and it clearly shows that without the use of a properly fitted and designed saddle, you are risking some issues down the line the longer you sit in the saddle and ride your bike



The saddle once ridden was pretty solid, no massive issues getting used to it. Quite hard as a 1st impression but I have been used to riding hard saddles all my life so this was no different really. It was super comfy and the more I rode on it, the better the feel. I am still waiting to go on the really long 6-7hr cycle slogs but so far, measured over 3hrs or more, I can honestly say this saddle does the job. No numbness at all and getting off the bike was no different to sitting on it. With some of the past saddle designs I have managed to ride on, I have been irritated by the feel and the numbness during the rides, not so with this one…….



So far, so good. I reckon I am sold on using this type of saddle design for all my bikes in the near future. Specialized have put one over on their counterparts/competitions with this saddle and they are all battling to keep up!

glens canyon IMG_0734



The super lightweight Power Pro saddle features a stiff, FACT carbon shell with durable titanium rails to keep the weight down. Its Body Geometry design caters to both men and women and helps deliver superior performance while in a more aggressive position. Proven through blood-flow testing and pressure mapping, and featuring the lightest level of padding available, the extra wide and elongated Body Geometry channel and proper sit bone support provide all day comfort.

  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab tested for both men and women to assure blood flow to sensitive arteries.
  • Stiff FACT™ carbon fiber shell tuned for support and ride compliance.
  • Super-light PU padding for comfort and support on longer rides.
  • Lightweight and durable, hollow titanium rails.
  • Tough, lightweight, water resistant cover.
  • Level 1 padding: Lightest level of padding for the most direct connection to the bike.
  • SWAT compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions.
  • Size 143mm / Weight 211g
  • Size 155mm / Weight 214g
  • Two Colours Black or Red
  • RRP R2599
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