MiWayLife in conjunction with Glen Gore and Triathlon Plus SA Events, recently announced the introduction of SA’s newest triathlon. Due to take place at Midmar Dam on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of February, the 226 is a unique multisport event that spans over 3 days.

Day 1 will see the triathletes take to the water and do a 3.8km swim. This swim will take place on Friday afternoon at around 3pm (exact start times to be confirmed closer to the event). This will give the athletes travelling from JHB and surrounds an opportunity to travel up in the morning, register for the event, freshen up and then do their 3.8km swim. There will be a warm-up zone and wetsuit test area prior to race start for those athletes wanting to get in a swim warm-up before their race start. It will also give some athletes, perhaps not familiar with wetsuits, an opportunity to try out some wetsuits and see how they perform and fit, before they actually purchase them.


There will be 2 swim distances on offer. A 3.8km (2 lap swim) for the 226 athletes, a 1.9km swim for the 113 athletes with an additional 50 rabbits (swimmers only who will either take on the  3.8km or 1.9km as their sole event for the weekend)

Athletes will then be ranked according to their swim times so that the starting order for the bike is known in advance come Saturday morning. Triathletes will start slowest to fastest on Saturday for the bike leg, which is a great concept thus allowing the weaker slower swimmers to actually lead the race at the start. It will also give some incentive to the faster swimmers to play catch-up with the rest of the field.


Day 2 will see the athletes take on a 4 loop 45km bike course totalling 180km. The sub 113 race will see cyclists do only 2 laps with the 50 rabbits then opting to choose between the 180 or 90

The organisers have introduced a pit-lane zone area for the bike leg which will allow for personal seconding at the start of each new lap. This is an old school approach from back in the day when families, friends and spouses were allowed to help their athletes. The rules now days prevent this type of assistance. The 226 is bringing back the helpers and getting all involved. This will definitely make for a much better valued race, especially for those that come along to watch. Nothing beats involving the entire family and circle of friends and training partners in your endeavours to conquer this unique beast of a race.

Day 3 will see athletes tackle a full marathon with a mass start early in the morning. The marathon will span 4 loops of 10.55km and will stay within the confines of the dam resort area. A relatively flat marathon course will ensure some good times over the 42km distance. The Marathon Run of the 226 will double as a Comrades Qualifier for those athletes running in JUNE, as long as you run under 5hrs. The run course has been certified by ASA as to be 100% accurate. Athletes can then also choose to just do the 113, 21km (2 laps) run with the rabbits in either event making up some of the numbers

At the completion of the marathon, times will be added up and winners and overall race results announced with the final times for each athlete being tallied up  swim + bike + run = finish time

An actual brick as a finishers medal will be presented to all finishers which is once again, a thinking out-the-box strategy from what is the norm at most race these days. Good value for money can be expected with entry fee’s set well below the current standard but with a greater emphasis on return of value for each of the athletes that enter the 226 or 113

Entries are open and limited numbers are available

Visit for the full info scoop and news insights around this fantastic new event that is set to be staged in FEB 2018. MiWayLife are the Premium sponsors of this event and without their support, an event of this magnitude would not be possibly.

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