The MiWayLife 226 Brick Challenge launches successfully on the island of Mauritius

The inaugural MiWayLife Brick Challenge Mauritius launched succefully on the island of Mauritius at the La Pirogue Resort over the weekend of the 27th/28th and 29th September

Already an established event in South Africa, taking place yearly at Midmar Dam, Organisers Triathlon Plus launched the 226 brand off-shore for the 1st time with a fantastic response received from all who competed and were involved in the event

Proceedings got underway on Friday 27th September with the competitors taking to the water at La Pirogue and completing a multiple of 950m laps. Ben De La Porte was the stand out athlete leading the swimmers out of the water in a fast winning time while on the ladies side, Tegan Gore was showing most of the men a clean pair of heels in the warm lagoon surrounds. For the nervous swimmer, Mauritius offers up the very best in open water swimming conditions with crystal clear warm waters as well as the safe proximity of the inside reef offering a very safe environment to all those competing. A multiple of locals who reside on the island competed alongside a large contingent of South Africans who made the trip over for the event

Day 2 was a little more daunting and challenging for the competitors as the cycle leg of the 226 set off at 8am on a hot windless day. The route would take the competitors over the famous Chamarel Climb which has the best views of the island coast once reached at the top. The climb is about 3-4km long with gradients in excess of 12% at certain points. Once the girls and boys crested the top, they enjoyed a high speed scenic decent back down to the coastline and then made their way back to the starting point. Although busy with traffic in certain parts, the beauty of the surrounds ensured that the time spent on the bike passed quickly with athletes refreshing with drinks and the usual war stories at the finish point.

Day 3 was saved for the run leg with athletes running in and around the La Pirogue and Sugar Beach Resorts completing multiple run laps before the athletes made their way onto the beach for the final home straight to finish under the palm trees to cap off a memorable 3 day fun-filled adventure

Local Residents Mitch Barrett and Yohanna Cohen were crowned the inaugural champions of the 226 while Ben De La Porte and Tegan Gore ran away with victories in the short distance event


A huge thanks to MiWayLife, Sun Resorts, La Pirogue, the MTPA and David Lagesse for making this event possible.


Organisers are already busy with the planning for the 2nd event in 2020. For more info, please email us or visit the website