Triathlon Plus SA magazine will be hosting a Double Mile wetsuit legal swim on the 18th March down in Durban, specifically aimed at triathletes preparing for the Ironman in Port Elizabeth. The original Double Mile wetsuit legal swim formed part of the Midmar Mile program for the last two years. Triathlon Plus SA has now taken ownership of the race and will be staging this fantastic event on the 1st of April down at Addington Beach, using the Marine Surf-Lifesaving Clubhouse as the race headquarters. Not only will they be staging a Double Mile swim, but they will also incorporate an additional 3 events into the day’s program. The idea is to attract all those swimmers who have just done the Midmar Mile and are eager to get in another competitive swim before the end of summer. The event, dubbed “Africa’s largest Ocean Swim event”, will offer up 4 events on race day. The Double Mile (3.2km and wetsuit legal) will form part of the main event, while the Single Mile (1.6km) Half Mile (800m) and Quarter Mile (400m) will add to the day’s events.

Triathlon Plus SA has put up R36 000 in cash prizes, making this one of the country’s richest open water swim events. They have also spaced the program of events accordingly to allow for the top swimmers to compete in both the Double Mile and the Single Mile. This could potentially give the top male and female swimmer winning both events a prize purse of R6000 each for the two events.

Only the Double Mile swim will be wetsuit legal. The other events will comply with open water swimming rules, allowing for costumes only. The Ocean Swim event is looking to attract the competitive pool swimmer, the triathlete, school-team swimmers, Surf Lifesaving Club members, and your recreational novice swimmer looking to get into the sport of open water swimming. However, the event will be restricted to swimmers aged 10 years and older. Addington Beach at Marine SLC has been specifically chosen as a venue due to its safe and bay-protected calm waters. Swimmers can expect good swimming conditions at this time of year, barring excessive weather patterns.

Entries are open and interested swimmers can find more information on the event at or email

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