SWISSEYE eyewear coming to SA


Swisseye will soon be available to the South African sporting public………….


Lens technology sports glasses

Swisseye also offers polarized lenses which have a contrast intensifying effect and absorb unpleasant light reflections and mirroring which appear e.g. on water surfaces. In addition some frames are equipped with photochromic lenses which adapt the shading automatically to the light intensity. All Swisseye sports glasses have shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. All of these products protect to 100% UVA-, UVB- and UVC-rays up to 400 nm (nanometre) and offer the highest optical quality without distortion.

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Sports glasses frames

All of our frames are made of robust, flexible, shatterproof and anti-allergic material. The frames are mainly produced with the material TR90.A lot of our frames also have a RX clip adapter, the possibility of optical glazing, adjustable temples and nose pads, inclination as well as more beneficial features to ensure a good fit.

Glazing sports glasses

Since years, the Swisseye sports glasses with the comment glazing have been tested successfully from the German first class manufacturer r+h in Bamberg. Further sources of supply are for example the companies Deutsche Augenoptik (Mailshop in the past), Essilor, Frame Tec, Pol Optic, Seiko, Shamir, Visall and Zeiss.

Sports glasses with anti-fog/anti-scratch coating

The combined anti-fog/anti-scratch coating prevents all lenses for steaming up and scratches (not available with photochromic and polarized lens/es). With the hydrophobic coating water rolls off the lens easily and particles are eliminated.

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