Suggested Race Eating plan for the MiWay Midlands Ultra

Most of us should by now have figured out what the best nutritional plan is for race day. Hopefully we have been able to do a few training sessions and put into practice, a basic eating plan that will see us get through the 1.9km swim/90km bike and 21km run with an adequate amount of fuel in the tank. A lot of you guys and girls are total novices, so a suggested race day eating plan might just be what you have been looking for.

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We need to put in a disclaimer before we suggest this as we don’t want all the sport scientists, dieticians, athletes and coaches jumping on our heads. We have been in the sport for 30 years and most of the advice has been tried and tested successfully over many hours of training and racing. We know it works. However, we do also realize that each athlete is different, each nutritional brand is different and what works for one, will not necessarily work for the other. There are many good nutritional brands on the market and they between themselves, have a massive combination of products that one could take on race day and before.

So please guys and girls, this suggested race day plan is just that, a suggested guideline to give the total novice/athlete an idea of what others may take in during the race. Hopefully this will then give them an idea of whether what they are going to eat and drink during the race is spot on or not

POWERBAR are one of SA’s biggest nutritional companies with their roots starting out with triathlon and multi-sports. They are making massive in-roads internationally and selling their products and brands across the globe


What you need

1 x bottle of ISOMAX Isotonic Sports Drink

3 x ENERGIZE sports carbohydrate bar (a variety of flavors available to suit all pallets.)

6 x POWER Gels Original

3 x POWER gel Shots





The plan of what to eat, drink and when has already been mentioned in a previous post. The formula will stay much the same.

Eat a small piece or two of energy bar during the last hour before the swim start. don’t consume a gel before the start of the swim

  • Drink at least 500ml of water, around 20-30 mins before you plunge into the water.
  • Once out the swim, having done the transition change, eat something solid (banana/muffin) as you run towards your bike. A drink of water/isotonic drink in the change tent is also recommended.
  • Give yourself about 5km to settle down on the bike before you start eating and drinking on the nutrition you have packed on for the bike. This will give your body enough time to settle down and focus itself on the rest of the bike distance left ahead of you.
  • Eat a piece of energy bar every say 10km-15km (6 pieces in total should see you through the entire bike leg). just remember, the aid stations have additional requirements if needed)
  • Take 3 gels for the bike section. 2 choices here, either consumer a gel say every 20-25km on the bike or split the gel into 2 – half a gulp at a time so you spread the consumption over smaller distances (say 10km or so)
  • You can consume 1 x powergel shots at around the 30km marker on the bike and another at 60km. save 1 x powergel shots for the start of the run
  • Small sips of the Isomax sports drink continually during the bike leg. You don’t want to wait until you are thirsty before drinking. Once again, the aid stations have plenty nutrition available
  • Once off the bike, take at least 3 sports gels for the 21km run distance. Consume these every say 5km on the run with additional top-up if needed at the aid stations. 1 additional powergel shots can be taken during the run as well at mid point.
  • You can consume a bun/muffin/fruit bar etc before the start of the run. Something more solid and easy to eat is always welcome after a tough ride on the bike


The suggested guidelines above are about as basic as it gets. POWERBAR have many combinations that one could use as do the other nutritional brands.

As also mentioned, what we suggest above may or may not work for you. It’s intended to give you an idea of what has been tried and tested before by others. for a purchase of their product on-line. Chat with Trevor, tell him triathlon plus sent you


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