Let it be said that a smart trainer (no matter the brand) is by no means light. The bikes we ride are generally super light but these smart trainers are heavy…. I guess that is the first noticeable impression when taking delivery of one of these training tools. Having said that, let’s get on with the nitty gritty


ZWIFT is starting to take a big stranglehold in the way athletes/cyclists/triathletes train these days. Indoors is the new Black. To access the Zwift software, you need a smart trainer. We thought we would start with the Technogym MyCycling Smart trainer. Technogym is the biggest name in gym equipment when it comes to ZA, just take a look around when you are next at the VA delving into a weight or cardio session. It made sense they ventured into the bike training segment with the mycycling trainer. The brand name, TECHNOGYM oozes quality so we were definitely looking forward to taking delivery of the smart trainer and were not disappointed


First Impressions



  • Heavy – I mentioned this earlier – if you have not experienced handling a smart trainer yourself before, this is something you will notice. The mechanics of the unit require a high degree of strength to combat the huge amount of force that will travel through the unit. With strength comes weight so it’s a compromise one has to make – solid/heavier unit but a more durable unit
  • The actual unit is very compact and looks “smart”. The 2 support legs fold in and out plus it has a handle with which to carry it. Fits easily into the car – small spaces – you are not going to battle storing this particular unit
  • The unit itself is very attractive – looks the business. Just as we might judge a bike purchase by its colour and geometry, so too might we judge a trainer purchase this way (especially the novice 1st time buyer). This unit ticks the box. It looks “GOOD”.






  • The set-up is extremely easy – especially for someone that is less inclined with knowing how gadgets work.
  • You will need to add your own cassette to the unit (that is a purchase over and above the trainer – unless you have a spare one lying around at home). Make sure its (cassette) compatible with your racing bike – that way – the gearing on your bike will work as efficiently on the trainer as it would do on the road
  • Plug in – and then sync with the ZWIFT app (this is what we did). The Bluetooth found the unit quickly and we were ready to go







  • MyCycling have their own app which you can download onto your smartphone. The app has many training programs at its disposal so if you do not have zwift, this is the next best option.
  • We used Zwift from the get-go and it worked a dream. The trainer added resistance when we climbed and lowered on the flats and downs…no problem at all with the use
  • In terms of noise – once you add a fan, the sound generated from the actual unit is minimal so that helps when you need to train and not wake-up the entire family at home…




  • We enjoyed the use of the smart trainer and coupled with the zwift app, it did the job that was required.
  • For those looking to purchase one, they are not cheap and this unit is generally a little more expensive that some of its competitors…but premium does come with a price – as they say “ you get what you pay for”
  • We still prefer outdoor riding but if the compromise is needed and indoor cycling is the way to go, we strongly recommend the Technogym MyCycling smart trainer – it’s a quality purchase no doubts.


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