REVIEW: Cadomotus Triathlon Transition Bag

Cadomotus are a new player in ZA and have a range of helmets and tri-bags that are 2nd to none. We got to test one of their top rated bags recently and had this to say on this


The bag certainly looks the part – we tested the red one – very striking in colour and noticeable – once again, if anything – triathletes are slightly vain and if they can wear or use something that sticks out above the rest  they are keen to try it.

The bag is “sturdy” – by that I mean its a good quality bag – you will know this when you pick it up and carry it around – not the lightest bag but then again – the entire bag is made of water-proofing material – you could probably swim with it and not get your contents wet (only kidding) but it would come close – for climates that are wet all the time – this bag will do very well – no water from rain is coming into this bag – 100% sure of that….



  • its a relatively big bag – more than enough space to fit your gear
  • i love the fact that the shoes (cycle or run) fit into compartments outside the main body – my shoes tend to “smell” after use and this ensures that they are free to air-dry and not mingle with my fresher smelling after-race clothes
  • it has a seperate mesh helmet compartment on the outside – this is ideal for those moments when you pitch at the transition area and the ref wants to check your helmet – there is no need to un-pack the whole bag now – the helmet is easily exposed. this was a best seller for me
  • the bottom removable compartment was also great for my wetsuit – dry when I arrived at the race but very wet and dripping when I left so this compartment came in very handy I must say
  • enough compartments for cell phones – water bottles – energy gels – spare clothes – i literally put all my race day gear into this one bag – if I were travelling overseas to a race – this bag would house all my race gear AS IS – that way if the luggage that is stored in the under-carriage goes missing, i have all the essential gear with me ready to race
  • i battled a little to get the goods into the bag from the top down but I do suspect that this was because the bag was new and was not yet fill flexible having been packed compactly inside the  storage bag it came in. it loosened up eventually but at first I did struggle



I like it a lot – its different and certainly a brand name that most have not seen before – point of difference is important to me and some others – would I buy it? not super cheap at R2499 but then again – you will know that this bag is not going to break any time soon like some of the cheaper bags whose zippers come off and have holes popped into them from all the gear that is normally stuffed inside for detail  – try it – you will not be dissapointed and this bag will no doubts  last for YEARS!!


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