The CADOMOTUS SA crew are a new player to the game in the form of product that will attract the interest of the country’s fanatical triathlon community. We tested the recently launched OMEGA TT helmet and were impressed. Why you ask?


  1. Price-point – we had a look around and this helmet at R3998 including the visor is one of the better priced units in this category up for sale. Add in a R99 charge for delivery and you have a price-point that is hard to beat – shopping on-line is the way to go these days it would seem as more and more people become tech savvy. The CADOMOTUS guys also pride themselves on their on-line shopping portal which ultimately brings you a better priced unit by cutting out the brick and mortar middle-man
  2. Aesthetic Looks are Good. Let us be honest – some aero helmets are plain ugly. Some athletes simply don’t care what they look like as long as they think its going to make them faster but the vast majority of triathletes are self-conscious – that is why most choose black bikes and black apparel – so they don’t “stand-out” from the crowd – they want to look the same – a pointy ugly aero helmet is going to stick out like a sore thumb. The OMEGA does not look “ugly” – it looks good on – comes in 3 different sizes and 4 colour options – one of the better looking helmets we have seen and worn ourselves – we simply won’t wear something we think looks ugly ,this one ticks the box of looking good and when its on our napper – we are comfortable that no one is laughing at us
  3. Visor – they have a visor that comes off and on with the click of some magnetic attachment points – we have worked with other TT helmets in the past and the on-off process of clicking n the visor and out has always been a problem – these magnetic touch points eliminate that hassle and make taking the helmet visor on and off – easy and fast. This got our attention from the get-go
  4. Versatility. the OMEGA helmet can easily double as a road helmet ( perhaps take off the visor) as well as TT helmet. It does not have the air vents that a normal road helmet would have but if we only had money to buy 1 helmet and our sport preference was triathlon – we would buy this one and not have to worry about working with 2 helmets and spending extra money. It does not look out of place on a training ride  – whilst a true TT helmet we have become accustomed to in the past, does…
  5. Comfort. Very comfortable is the verdict – our old pointy TT helmet was a mission to put on and squashed our ears. Very uncomfortable especially on the longer rides – this helmet is simple in make-up – padding on the inside – no over-the-top design elements – just a plain and simple comfy TT helmet that goes on and off easy
  6. Verdict? For the price and what you get – you will be hard pressed to find something better


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