Race Somewhere Different for a Change. Canada Xtreme TRI maybe?

Canada Man/Canada Woman is the ultimate long-distance triathlon! It pays tribute to the first Canadians who successfully adapted to nature’s harsh elements and made Quebec’s forests and expansive territory their homeland and livelihood.

Canada Man/Canada Woman differs from the classic long-distance triathlon where thousands of volunteers are present to support you at every turn. As in pioneer life, you will have only yourself to rely on throughout the many sections apart from the support of your limited assistance team and your best friend. The latter will follow you throughout this marathon that will unfold in the heart of the Canadian forest.

In a nutshell:

A breathtaking course amid the Canadian forest and mountains that will push you to successively complete:

3.8km swim

180km cycle

42km run


This is the most intense, wild, and beautiful triathlon in North America. 





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