Most athletes on race days, battle to get in some food before the gun goes off. Many reasons for this, nerves being one of them. The good news for those that are competing in a SPRINT race is that you don’t have to go over-load on a pre-race meal at all. Quite a swing in routines especially if you are used to the longer Ultra Edurance events that most partake in these days.

A good solid meal the night before the race and you should have sufficient fuel in the tank to maintain you up until race start. If you are feeling slightly peckish, perhaps a POWERBAR Energize within 60-90 minutes of race start. Hydration is important so don’t neglect. 1 x 750ml bottle with a Iso-Active sachet mixed into it will ensure you stay well hydrated pre-event. Small sips continually in the 2hrs leading up to the start of you race is the prefered option. For on the bike, we estmate you might only need 1 x 500ml bottle on-board but this does vary (weather conditions on race day for example – some athletes also lose more fluids than others etc). A safe bet would be the 500ml bottle.

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The sprint race is all about short and fast (er), there is no sense in loading the bike with extra weight (water bottles/pouches etc) like you might do for a long distance event.


2 x powergels for the bike and a spare gel for the run left in transition along with your run shoes



If you are still peckish before the race starts, snack on the powerbar and take in some water with a minimum of 20-30 mins to spare.

After the swim and once onto the bike, take in your 1st gel at say 1-2km into the bike – this should suffice along with the 500ml isoactive hydration drink for almost the entire 20km cycle. Take in the last gel on the bike at about 17-18km. This will allow it to work into the system so that once you head out onto the 5lm run, you don’t really need additional energy supplies as the run, for most is relatively short in duration ie 5km. Some athletes may want to take along a spare gel on the run and glug it down at the 2.5km marker (this is definitely an option).

There you have it, not much needed for the SPRINT race but it does vary athlete to athlete. We also want to stress that this forumula is based on trial and error at the highest elite racing level. There is no exact science and exact precision in what we mention above so please don’t let the “guru’s” come down too hard on us. We can guarantee that the above formula has worked to win numerous SA ELITE Sprint TRI titles and has been used succesfully on the WTS circuit in the past.

Good Luck, try it and see how you get on. You might eventually end up tweaking this and coming up with your very own succesful formula that will see you in good stead well into the future

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