In this day and age, when it comes to sport performance, Sports Nutrition is ULTRA important. This is where you get the energy from to train day-to-day and where it counts on race day – You can only train the engine so much but the fuel you put in is what makes the engine turn-over

Most of you will be surprised to find out at local company PVM has been around sincethe laste 1960’s. Long before any of the now well established companies had even bee born yet. These guys (PVM) were the original pioneers of what you know now as SPORTS NUTRITION.  Not just an “energy bar” company but a massive amount of crediblity and history behind their story

This is their story……….


PVM stands for Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals. The company was established in the late 1960’s as a result of intensive scientific research undertaken by the National Institute of Food Research of the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research).

As a result, PVM Nutritional Sciences became one of the first companies to manufacture clinical nutritional products to combat severe malnutrition and produced the World’s Original Energy Bar®, based on an earlier product devised to provide essential nutrition for military personnel in combat.

PVM produces quality nutritional products and provides nutritional services to:

  • Institutional / Therapeutic / Clinical Nutritional Market

    ……- Clinics & Hospitals
    ……- Feedings Schemes
    ……- NGOS

  • General Health & Wellness Market
  • High Performance Sports Market

PVM has also developed numerous products for other companies, one of which is well known world-wide. These products range from nutritional bars to supplements in powder form.


PVM has been a family business for over 30 years. We answer to no-one but ourselves and to those who use our products.

At PVM we are driven by our passion for science – the search for an objective truth, empirical certainty and honesty. We also know that wise nutrition contributes directly to people’s better health, well-being and performance.

At PVM we are free to pursue the kind of essential, in-depth research and development to create superior nutrition through applied science to enable people from all walks of life to live their lives to the full, not just professional athletes who set themselves record breaking goals, but children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, and those who simply want to break their personal best in whatever sport they follow.

We therefore acknowledge our moral and ethical obligation to behave with integrity in everything we do.

  • The PVM Food Supplement – the first cold water soluble meal replacement to combat severe cases of malnutrition – was launched in the late 1960’s.
  • In 1977 PVM launched the World’s Original Energy Bar® in the retail market originally developed in the early 1970’s for military personnel in combat.
  • In 1985 PVM launched PVM Mealie Meal Mix, the first pre-cooked, enriched maize meal product in SA and the world – with the focus on counteracting Protein – Energy – Malnutrition-associated diseases e.g. Kwashiorkor, Marusmus, Pellagra and Immune compromised patients.
  • In 1990 PVM was the first company to include a combination of carbohydrates and proteins in energy and recovery drinks. A decade later, this novel approach – including protein in energy and recovery – has become a widely accepted norm.
  • In 1999 PVM launched the Octane Gel one of the first energy gels containing protein.
  • In 2007 Octane and Reignite became one of the first specialised energy and recovery drinks containing new scientifically proven whey derived protein peptides.
  • In 2008 PVM launched Performance Training & Nutrition (PTN) and became the first company in South Africa subcontracted to condition professional rugby players of a Currie Cup and a S14 franchise.


We used their product way back when we were kids and we are still using it today

check them out



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