MiWayLife SURF SWIM proves a winner!

The Annual MiWayLife SURF SWIM over a 1.9km course took place yesterday in conditions which can only be considered as “challenging” . Driving rain and wind with huge sea swells on the horison did not dampen the spirits of the ladies and gents that pitched for the surf swim. A lot of the entrants were using this event as a pre-training race for the HALF that takes place in JUNE at the same venue. Athletes will now know that if the weather and wind decides to come to the party, swimming is not so easy at USHAKA as one would have thought.

However the swim area is relatvely protected by the BLUFF and HARBOUR WALL which made the swim totally safe and do-able albeit it with a little effort from the amazing ladies and gents that jumped into the water at 7am.

While the rest of the KZN Tri and Mulitsport fraternity were sitting at their local coffee shops talking the talk as per usual, these warriors were out training and racing…

A massive confidence booster to some that often panic when entering the sea and surf. Hopefully the athletes are now fully prepared for the JUNE event which by tradition, does favour better weather conditions.

Male Winner  on the day was a keen competitor and great supporter of the local events, Joe Terblanche who put in a mamoth effort to take the win in a fast time while tiny Kayla Ribbink showed that size does not really matter but experience does, when competing in the surf in some testing conditions

A great day out for the swimmers, coffee inside the clubhouse for the supporters and some keen support from the sponsors, MiWayLife/SunLife Vitamins/PVM/TYR and Newton Running Shoes



1. Johann Teblanch 24:57
2. Brett Manning 25:32
3. Sanele Nxumalo 26:24
4. Callum Simpson 28:06
5. Gareth Marquiss 28:31
6. Micheal Sikhosana 28:35
7. Sandile Shange 28:38
8. Darren Marquiss 28:45
9. Lucky Mabuya 30:29
10. Mhlengi Gwala 30:34


1. Kayla Ribbink 30:49
2. Kira Ribbink 31:06
3. Michelle Forman 34:59
4. Tracy Sanders 36:46
5. Nina Grundlingh 39:03
6. Sivash Govender 40:25
7. Jacqui Niehaus 40:59
8. Vanessa Frylinck 41:56
9. Antoinette Niehaus 42:50
10. Jenny Sutton 43:46

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