MiWay Triathlon Workshop Sun City 7th May




Good Morning Ladies and Gents.

Myself and Jan, together with the team from MiWay are looking forward to welcoming you guys and girls to our triathlon workshop, taking place this coming Saturday at Sun City. We will get proceedings underway at 10am at the 19th green which is to the left of the transition zone in front of the Cabana’s. You won’t have to look far to find us.


The workshop is aimed at showing you what triathlon is all about plus ensuring that you know exactly what to do come race day. We will go through the basics of laying out the transition area, what you need to pack and where you will need to go/what to do. There are some basic rules that  apply to all triathlon events that we will also touch base on. I am sure that once you have walked through this triathlon once-over with us, you will be well at ease to race on Sunday and be fully prepared for the fun that awaits. The workshop will be fun, informative and with no pressure. You guys and girls can ask Jan and I as many questions as you like. The idea being to teach you and pass on what we have leant through the sport over the past 30 odd years.  

Sun City ULTRA Tri Swim 2015 (2)

Just bring yourselves along with your costumes/tri-suit/wetsuit and some running shoes. Once we have completed the workshop, we will go for a short warm-up swim (in the dam if possible) and then a short run thereafter. This will ensure that you guys and girls are in 100% shape mentally and physically for Sunday’s event. 

See you on Saturday

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