With less than 1 days to go before the Discovery Triathlon World Cup Cape Town, nerves must be starting to kick in. I am afraid to say it’s too late to get fitter now – you go into the race with what you have in the tank. Right now, the most important part of the pre-race hype is to stay calm and focussed.

We often tend to over think things and make ourselves more nervous than we should be. Relax, have fun and just imagine yourself have the race of your life and all will go well. There are a few tips we can however as the countdown begins to Sunday


  1. Make sure you pack everything on the Saturday morning – well in advance of race day on Sunday. Far too often, we forget things at home and this sends the stress levels through the roof when we arrive at the race venue.
  2. Make sure the bike is ready – tyres pumped/ nuts and bolts tightened etc – the marshals will check the bike before you enter the pound – ensure its complete roadworthy before you arrive for bike check-in
  3. Arrive EARLY – I know some of you like to pitch at the very last minute – just remember the bike finish and swim start are at 2 different places so give yourself some time to make sure you are able to put the run shoes at T2 before heading over to T1 for the swim and bike start
  4. Dress warmly – the water is cold we know – nothing worse than starting the swim cold. Ensure a good warm-up before you take the plunge – even jumping up and down on the spot will aid you somewhat before diving into 12 degree water
  5. If you are not a strong swimmer – start on the sides – that way, you can swim wider and avoid being crushed in the middle – even allow the faster guys and girls to take off and then start your swim a little slower will help
  6. The bike is flat and fast but play close attention on the cycle and don’t let the mind drift. Being a draft legal makes for some tight pack riding. Look out for yourself and your fellow race mate
  7. Ensure you take some nutrition during the bike – gels work very well – for the sprint guys, at least 1-2 gels – the Olympic guys might even take in as many as 3 gels during the cycle before they start the run
  8. Take the 1st km of the run easy and then see what you got left in the tank for the remainder – the last few km’s will test your limits so save a little in the gas tank so you look good at the finish and on that blue carpet

All the best for Sunday – enjoy the race and the result will take care of itself

Yours in tri


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