INFO that is GOOD to know pre MiWay Sun City Ultra


INFO that is GOOD to know pre MiWay Sun City Ultra


MiWay brand ambassador Glen Gore has used his 30yrs in the sport to outline a short summary of information that is good to know heading into race weekend with final preparation steps for the upcoming MiWay Sun City Ultra

Stuff you should know and do


  • Arrive early. If you are travelling through on race morning (Sunday) make sure you arrive at least 2hrs prior to the race start. This definitely takes the edge off the proverbial panic attack when athletes arrive at the race venue
  • Register as early as possible (the best option is the day before) or on Race Day. The MiWay Ultra guys have gone the route of having swim/bike and run transition bags made for you. This means you will need to pack your swim bag/bike bag and run bag on race morning before you hang them up on the racks. This takes a bit of pre-planning. If you have never done this before, the officials will show you exactly what you need to do and where you need to put your bags. Only more reason to arrive early and get set long before the start gun goes off
  • Warm-up before the swim if possible. A cold start once the gun goes off is not conducive to a best performance on the day. Swim in the hotel pool or swing those arms’ and get the blood pumping
  • Don’t put the wetsuit on too early. 30 minutes before race start is enough. Anything earlier and the compression of those muscles sitting in a tight wetsuit might come back to bite you on the bike and run portions
  • Eat a decent breakfast 2.5 hrs before race start for the ultra guys and a smaller breakfast, 90 minutes before the sprint start. Ensure you hydrate all the time, if you start with a thirst, you are already semi de-hydrated
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  • Start the swim conservatively and seed yourself accordingly. Fast swimmers in the front. Confident Swimmers in the middle. Slow swimmers at the back and the sides .This goes for both distance races.
  • Make sure you know where you need to swim, cycle and run. Study the route maps and ensure you know what is happening regards routes. The race organisers will show you where you need to go but having confidence in yourself that you to know the route/s will ensure you are speeding ahead at all times
  • Eat and drink small bits and pieces all the time during the ultra. Your body is like a car engine,  you want to keep the fuel tank on full all the time.
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  • Race against yourself and not the opponent. The only guys and girls racing each other are the PRO’s. As an age grouper/novice athlete, race the very best race you can do and the result will be great at the end. Don’t race against the others. Each athlete will/must work on their strengths and then try eliminate the weaknesses. That is why this sport is so great
  • Above all, no pressure………… race with a smile on your face and you will have the best day ever. Everyone gets nervous, deal with it. Having fun goes someway to calming the nerves
  • No new tricks on race day. Race with what you know and have trained with

Good Luck from the Team at MiWay – we wish you guys a PB come May the 8th

Yours in TRI


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