Buco Hardware along with Triathlon Plus SA Events are proud to launch a new 5 race series starting in August, based down in the triathlon mecca of South Africa, KZN.

Buco are very excited to get behind the sports of Multisport and Triathlon in South Africa and with their continued support, we can only see this series growing from strength to strength

The series will kick-off in August with a 3 day SWIM/RUN event based down in Durban. Anyone that has participated in the sport since the 90’s will recognise that this was one of the original swim/run events in South Africa. Triathlon Plus SA Events decided to bring this format back to the yearly calendar. Based down in Durban, the weather is extremely favourable during the month of August and is ideally suited to kick start the athletes as they head into the summer months of plenty racing and training

The next event is a new concept – a 3 leg Super Sprint Triathlon Series based at Crawford La Lucia. The emphasis is on fast action packed racing that pretty much anyone can do. For the serious triathletes, this is a great way to enhance ones speed. It’s also an ideal stepping stone for the Junior’s and not so fit athletes out there to enjoy the sport of triathlon without having to put in hours and hours of training time. With the Olympics next year having a team relay format on the roster, this race series pretty much mimics that style of racing. Short and fast and very entertaining with a great atmosphere expected at each of the three race series starting in September and finishing in January.

Last of the series events will encompass the BUCO OCEAN SURF SWIM Challenge. Swimming is a chink in the armour for many triathletes out there these days. We are offering a race over 2 distances 1.9km and 3.8km. The added bonus is that a pre-race surf swim clinic will be held on Saturday the 7th December for all entrants free of charge. They will be shown what to do in the surf – how to navigate through the waves and back into shore as well as sighting skills. Ideally timed at the start of the school holidays, this surf swim challenge is sure to go down really well with triathletes and  swimmers in general

All info can be found on the website www.bucoseries.co.za

For event information – email the organisers info@bucoseries.co.za

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