BSG Energade Series 2010 – Announce New Points System and Prize Money for this years series

The 2010 BSG Energade Triseries kicks off at Roodeplaat Dam on 10 October and with it, a range of exciting developments.

The main series will see athletes have the option to compete in either the Open or their Age Group categories. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in their respective age groups, ensuring the series becomes competitive and fun for all athletes. Athletes in each age category will be competing for podium finishes and will stand in line to win exciting prizes, not forgetting the bragging rights!

The Open category will attract mainly professional athletes and will witness a number of gruelling battles as they compete for prize money and the coveted Series Title.

The Team Challenge category is another exciting change to the series as all athletes belonging to schools, tertiary institutions and corporates, whether competing in a team or as individuals, will accumulate points for their organisation/institution and be in the running to win the Team Challenge category at each race as well as the overall series winner.

Not to be left behind, the Kids series will also see a number of exciting changes. The kids will now be able to compete at all 7 venues, ensuring a full family fun day. The previous 9-14 age group has been split to ensure that kids of different ages have the opportunity to be recognised in their respective categories. For children with a desire to professionally compete in triathlon, all 15 year old children will be eligible to enter in the Main series under the Open category.


Main Series
Open (Mixed, Male & Female)
Corporate (Mixed, Male & Female)
School (Mixed, Male & Female)
School (Mixed, Male & Female)
University (Mixed, Male & Female)

Kids Series
Kids Open (Mixed, Male & Female)
School (Mixed, Male & Female)

Position Race Final
1. 800 1200
2. 740 1110
3. 685 1027
4. 633 950
5. 586 879
6. 542 813
7. 501 752
8. 464 695
9. 429 643
10. 397 595
11. 367 550
12. 339 509
13. 314 471
14. 290 436
15. 269 403
16. 248 373
17. 230 345
18. 213 319
19. 197 295
20. 182 273

– Open Category: 1st to 5th
– Age group Category winners are: 1st to 3rd
– Athletes will have to finish 4 of the 7 series events
– Athletes will have to start the Final
– Therefore it is advised that athletes arrive at the Final having completed at least 4 races
– If an athlete arrives at the final having completed 3 races and receives a DNF, they will not be eligible for the Overall Series points

Team Points

Each participant in the series will accumulate points for their institution/organization, whether competing as an Individual or in a Team.

Team entries can comprise of Male/Female/Mixed Teams competing under the name of their institution/organization.

The Team Categories are: Corporate, Tertiary Institution and School.

The Individual Age Group Categories are: Open, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, Veterans (40+) and Masters (50+).

The Male/Female/Mixed Teams are eligible to win podium position for each event, however, they are not eligible to win the overall Team Challenge.

Only institution/organization will be eligible to win the overall Corporate Team, Tertiary Institution or Schools Challenge.

The winner will receive the maximum available number of points based on the total entries received e.g. if there are 300 individual entries in the Corporate Team Challenge, the winner will receive 300 points and the last person to cross the line will receive 1 point.


Male & Female

1st: R1,900.00
2nd: R1,650.00
3rd: R1,350.00
4th: R1,000.00
5th: R900.00
6th: R700.00
7th: R550.00
8th: R400.00

Male & Female

1st: R11,000.00
2nd: R7,500.00
3rd: R4,500.00
4th: R3,000.00
5th: R2,000.00

* If less than 15 OPEN entrants Male/Female, prize money will be paid to 6th only

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