BIKE check. The ARGON 18 E-119 TRI + THE ultimate TT weapon for fast times



Apex Multisport have recently taken over the distribution of the ARGON18 brand in South Africa and their job is to ensure they meet the demand of this high flying bike that is turning heads in a big way across the globe


For triathletes whose will to win knows no bounds

The ultimate triathlon bike, the E-119 Tri+ yields the absolute maximum aerodynamic advantage, like its E-119 Tri counterpart, while boasting an even lighter carbon lay-up. Thanks to input from our professional triathletes who have won numerous IRONMAN championships, we’ve pushed the boundaries of performance, aerodynamics and technology to create a powerful winning machine.

Fully committed to triathlon racing, free from the UCI’s regulations; maximum performance guaranteed. Built for the most demanding of athletes, for whom every detail counts.

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  • Aerodynamic gain of 14.89% over the E-118 Next

    The fastest bike in its category

  • Hydration, nutrition and survival accessories

    Provide an aerodynamic advantage during races and training / entirely integrated and customizable for every riders needs / give the bike a sleek look by integrating the accessories in its design

  • Exclusive rear E-119 Tri brake

    Cam-pulled system installed horizontally; aerodynamic, easy to access and adjust

  • Concealed front E-119 Tri brake

    Ultralight and easy to adjust

  • Triathlon-adapted geometry, 78º seat post, and adjustable saddle position (+28mm; -28mm)

    Creates an optimal fit for any level of athlete

  • Carbon lay-up even lighter than the E-119 Tri’s

    Designed for highest performance and stiffness

  • Exclusive integrated handlebar with our ONEness concept

    Offers greater headset adjustment, optimal aerodynamic positioning, and more than 30 configuration options

  • Additional 25mm tire clearance

    Prevents the brakes from rubbing and enables faster wheel changes

  • CFD analysis (wind tunnel and velodrome testing)

    Optimal aerodynamics in true wind conditions (5° to 20 yaw angles)

  • Classic derailleur hangers

    Makes for easy wheel changes

  • Travel-friendly

    No complicated hardware, easily removable cockpit and wheels

  • Size-specific geometry

    Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size

  • Optimal Balance

    A winning formula for high performance – the perfect blend of aerodynamics, light weight, comfort, and stiffness for more info



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