Advanced Swim Programs for a sub 30 min, 1.9k

This is definitely for the advanced swimmer that swims well under 30 minutes for the 1.9km distance. If you are up to it and want to ace the swim at the next 1.9km, this is the way to go!!

2 weeks worth of swim programs – swimming 5 x per week





Swim Session no 1 

Warm-up 400m swim easy

20 x 50m swim mod pace on 45 secs

Easy 200m recovery swim/pull-buoys or paddles

5 x 200m swim. First one moderate, then rest 1 minutes, the 2nd one is hard 3rd one easy 4th one hard 5th one moderate

Easy cool down swim of 400m

Total = 3km


Swim Session no 2


Warm-up 400m swim easy, 200m kick easy, 400m pull easy

Do a time trial of 1km, building up to 2km after the 4th week. Start the time trial (1km or 2km) moderate/ but try finish last 300m fast

Concentrate on going really hard for the first 200m after that settle into a good pace for the rest of the swim then try increase the pace towards the end

Total = 2-3km



Swim Session no 3

This is a hard session that works on your speed.

Warm-up 400m easy

Do 6 sets of

4 x 50m very hard on 40 secs

After each set rest a full minute

Do an easy 400m after this set paddles or pull-buoys

Do 3 sets of

4 x 100m very hard, on 1:25

Rest 2 minute between the two sets

Easy cool down of 200m

4 x 25m all out sprints on 30 secs

100m easy cool down


Total = 3.6km



Swim Session no 4 (to be done after a bike/run brick session)

This is a basic brick swim session – recovery set after a hard bike/run program for example

Do a 200m swim, then kick 100m, then use the pull buoys and swim another 200m

Do this set 8 times in succession with no rest between the sets


Total = 4km


Swim Session no 5


Easy 400m warm-up swim

19 x 100m on 1:30

This must be at 80% effort.

Recover swim after the set of 400m pull-buoys


Total = 2.7km


WEEK no 2


Swim Session no 1

Warm-up 800m moderate swimming on 13 minutes

8 x 50m hard swimming on 50 seconds (leave the wall every minute)

400m moderate paddles swimming after set

8 x 50m hard swimming on 45 seconds (if possible, or even 45 secs)

200 easy swimming

16 x 25m maximum sprints on 30 secs, go hard

Recover 400m pull-buoys and get out!!



Swim Session no 2


Warm-up 400m pull-buoys swimming

1 x 400m maximum effort (record time?)

Easy 400-recover swim with paddles, pace slow

1 x 400m maximum effort (record time and try go faster than previous one)

Easy 200m fins swim

6 x 100m moderate race pace swim on 1:30

Recover swim of 500m easy

TOTAL 2.9km


Swim Session no 3

6 x 50m swimming moderate on 60 seconds

6 x 50m kicking, rest 30 seconds after each, go hard

6 x 50m swimming hard on 45 seconds

3 x 100m swimming, moderate on 1:45

3 x 100m kicking, rest 20 seconds

3 x 100m hard swimming on 1:25

Easy 400m-recovery swim


TOTAL 2.2km



Swim Session no 4 

16 x 25m moderate sprints on 30 moderate pace

400m pull-buoys breathe every 5th stroke recovery

16 x 25m hard sprints on 25 secs max effort

Easy 400m paddles breathe every 3rd stroke

8 x 25m moderate sprints, rest 10 secs

8 x 25m hard sprint on 20 secs, rest after four of them……..

Easy 500m paddles or swim with fins cool down


TOTAL 2.5km

Swim Session no 5

Warm-up 400 swim, 200m kick, 400m pull-buoys

9 x 200m at race pace effort on 3 minutes

400m easy recovery swim

TOTAL 3.2km


Get these swim sets done in under the time intervals and you will easily sail under 30 mins at your next 1.9km ultra swim TRAINING ADVICE page for many more swim sets!!

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