Advanced Sample Program for a 226km event

This program is quite advanced and requires loads of training time. Not for the athletes with a normal full-time job, family and other. Just an inkling of what can be done in prepping for a 226km


This program has been tried and tested to an 8h30 finish time over the 3.8km/180km/42km so we know it does work. Not everybody’s cup of tea as athletes are so vastly different.





The training sessions will be as follows per week:


6 swim sessions

6 bike sessions

6 run sessions



Week 1 and 2 (combined)


Day 1 (Monday)


Bike 60km (spin easy gear, high spin cadence) in the morning



Swim session at lunch

400m swim, 200m kick, 200m pulling as warm-up

4 x 50m moderate swim on 60 seconds, rest 30 seconds after each set. DO IT 5 TIMES

200m easy swimming

40 x 25m, go hard for one length, rest 10 seconds, then go easy for another length


Total 3000m



Run +-10km moderate pace




Day 2 (Tuesday)


Bike warm-up for 10km, then time trial for 20km, cool down for 10km, 10km race pace, 20km easy spin recovery


Total 70km



Swim Session at lunch

6 x 500m swim, rest 30 secs after each

You must start easy and record your time, then you need to go faster for each 500m with your last interval being the fastest

4 x 25m maximum sprints,

Easy 100m


Total 3300m


Run time trial 8km

Warm-up for 2km before the run, and cool down easy 2km after the run


Total 12km



Day 3 (Wednesday)


Bike easy 60km in the morning and spin the legs



Swim Session

400m swim, 200m kick, 400m pulling as warm-up

15 x 100m at race pace. Do it on 2 minutes.

Easy 200m

Sprint 8 x 25m maximum efforts, rest 30 seconds after each 25m

Easy 100m


Total 3000m



Easy 8 – 10km


Day 4 (Thursday)


Bike interval session

Warm-up 20km

Go to the goose hill, start at the bottom

Go very hard to the top (+-800m) x 15

Slow recovery down to the bottom

Easy 12km


Total 60km



Swim Session

3 x 1000m straight swims (rest 1 minute after each)


First one swim

2nd do pulling

3rd do swim again


4 x 25m sprints, rest 30 seconds after each


Total 3100m




Track Session

Warm-up 2km

Do 10 x 100m strides, jog back to the start

4 x 400m hard efforts, carry on jogging 400m and do not stop after each interval

Rest 2 minutes

3 x 1km intervals (go hard, rest 2 minutes between each interval)

Recovery 2km


Total +- 12km



Day 5 (Friday)


Bike 80km easy


Swim Session

6 x 50m easy swimming on 60 seconds

6 x 50m kicking, rest 10 seconds after each

3 x 100m medley, rest 10 seconds after each

3 x 100m swimming, rest 10 seconds after each


Easy 300m recovery swim


16 x 25m sprints, on 30 seconds


Easy 100m recovery swim


5 x 200m pulling, rest 1 minute after each set


Total 3000m



Run Session: REST


Day 6 (Saturday)


Do a long run in the morning 20-30km

Do it at a moderate pace



Swim Session in the afternoon as recovery

2km straight easy swim, no rest, just recover



Day 7 (Sunday) Brick Session


Long Bike (120 – 180km) followed by 5-10km run





Total for the weeks 1 and 2:


Bike 460/520km

Swim 17km

Run 65/85km







WEEK 3 & 4



Day 1(Monday)


Bike 70km easy



Swim at lunch


6 sets of (swim 100m, kick 100m, pull 100m) no rest between sets

200m easy swimming

10 x 75m hard swimming at race pace, rest 30 seconds between each one

Easy 100m recovery

10 x 25m maximum sprints, rest 30 seconds between each

Easy off


Total 3100m


Run Session (Hill session)

Warm-up 1km warm-up

1km hill intervals that is not too steep but not flat either – use your discretion on this one

5 sets of go hard up to the top, jog back down easy, no rest, go again

Recover 1km easy cool down


Total 10 – 12km


Day 2 (Tuesday)


Bike time trial

Warm-up 10 km

Time trial for 50km race pace if possible. 75-80% of your MHR

Cool down for 10km


Total 70km




Swim session

15 x 200m swimming


Rest 30 seconds in between each


Total 3km




Run Session:

Time Trial

4km warm-up

8km time trial as maximum effort

2km easy


Total 14km



Day 3 (Wednesday)


Bike recovery ride of 60km easy


Swim session

Warm-up 400m swim, 200m kick, 200m pull

Do 4 sets of (10 x 50m on 60 seconds) race pace.

Rest 1 minute after each 10

Recover swim 200m

Maximum sprints of 8 x 25m, on 30 seconds



Total 3200




Easy 8km jog


Day 4 (Thursday)


Bike Ride 80km moderate effort, do some short 1 minute intervals (10) of sprinting out of the saddle then sitting and maintaining pace and effort (prep for surges and hill climbs with this sort of interval work)



Swim session

2 x 1500m swims

The second one must be faster than the 1st. try race pace for no 2 if possible

Recovery swim of 200m


Total 3200m



Run interval session on the road

Jog 1km then race pace for 1km

Do this for a total of 10km


Total 10km


Day 5 (Friday)


Bike ride 60km moderate



Swim Session

8 x 50m on 60 seconds

8 x 50m pulling on 60 seconds

8 x 50m kicking on 2 minutes


Easy 100m swim


4 x 100m race pace, rest 30 seconds after each one

Easy 100m

4 x 100m race pace, rest 30 seconds

Easy 100m


16 x 25m hard sprints, rest 10 seconds between, after 4 rest 1 minute

Easy 200m recovery swim


Total 2900m


Run: Rest


Day 6 (Saturday)


Long Run 35-40km at moderate pace


Swim Recovery session of 3km easy in the afternoon



Day 7 (Sunday)


Long Ride Between 140km and 200km followed by 8km run easy





Bike 480/540km

Swim 18.5km

Run 100km

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